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DARI System Gives Coaches and Trainers the Insights They Need to Build Elite Athletes

“The ability to objectively identify movement deficiencies, range of motion deficiencies, movement asymmetries, improper kinetic chaining at a level beyond the practitioner’s eye is above and beyond anything else on the market.”- Geoffrey Puls, Assistant Strength Conditioning Coach at Notre Dame

DARI by Scientific Analytics, Inc. is an innovative markerless motion capture technology. It provides fast, accurate, objective biometrics that trainers can use to keep athletes in peak physical condition so they are available to play.

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Sports Exec Brian Kopp Shares His Thoughts On the Industry’s Most Important Topics

We’re proud to launch the first edition of Javelin magazine: a high-level synopsis of the inaugural Titans of Sports Tech Roundtable event hosted by Georgia Institute of Technology. Please enjoy our Trend Report, focused on innovation, fan engagement, data analytics and wearable technology for elite athlete performance. Read as e-paper right here.

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