Elevate your game with the MVPs of the Sports Tech Industry.
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Here's What We Do

We connect the best talent in the industry to your brand through exclusive events and powerful trend reports.

Step 1 - Assess

  • Analyze, Optimize and Develop Audience Segments
  • Execute Display, Social, Email programs

Step 2 - Verify

  • Identify Senior Executives
  • Match your Goals with the Optimal Audience

Step 3 - Report

  • Document Insights, Best Practices and Uncover Weaknesses


  • Pre-Event Digital Tactics
  • Content Integration
  • Post-Event Report


  • Invitation-Only Event
  • Senior Level Decision-Makers
  • No Press - Unfiltered Dialogue
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Sports Is Now Tech-First

New innovations take the court every day. To gain a competitive edge or enhance it, it takes a strategy that is targeted and personalized.

  • The optimal audience

    Decision-makers & top influencers

    Share your expertise with executives who can deliver results. Our outsourced custom-curated roundtable events help establish new partnership opportunities with targeted decision-makers.

  • Stay Relevant

    The industry in realtime.

    Sort out the real centers of interest from the everyday hype with client-facing insight gathering and discover where the business development opportunities sit within the value chain.

  • Gain New Knowledge

    Actionable data & insights.

    Our private roundtable events will yield key takeaways: uniquely informative event retrospectives. The post-event custom content package provides a turnkey industry perspective at your fingertips.

  • Partners with purpose

    Your seat at the table.

    Our attendees and sponsors will garner firm business leads, new partnerships, and an education that is relevant and ready for implementation.

  • Sports &
    Player Tech

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